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NW Edible on chicken husbandry: quote

I love this gal, please read the full blog post it’s awesome. I’ve linked to it below.

“So basically those are your two choices: you continue to pay and care for chickens that barely give you eggs or you cowboy up and you deal with the slaughter of no longer profitable hens.

Back to my friend who really, really wants chickens.

Could she kill her chickens?

Oh no. Absolutely not.

We both agree, she doesn’t have that in her. Fine, I’ve no problem with that, and I’m glad she knows herself.

Does she want to pay for chickens even if she gets no eggs?

Well, not really.

Fine, I wouldn’t either – I totally understand.

I told her quite bluntly (as is my way) that she should not get chickens.

Can I give them to a chicken sanctuary when they get too old to lay? Some place that has a no kill policy?

No. No. You cannot do that.

She can’t, and no one reading this can. You know why? Personal responsibility. Your chickens, your adoption, your decision, your responsibility to see it through to the end. You do not get to embrace the idea of a more intimate relationship with your food chain and then make that food chain – the food chain you specifically set up – someone else’s problem when shit gets real.”

NW Edible: You Absolutely Should Not Get Backyard Chickens.

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